Google Workspace

The office world of Google Workspace

If you use Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps for Business / Google Suite), you already know about the productivity boost this application suite can bring. Google Apps Script can take that extra power and team working efficiency even further. Apps Script is a JavaScript-like programming language that makes it possible to run workflows automated within the Google world and beyond with little effort. This can be the automated sending of a newsletter or a notification when an important event occurs. It is also possible to have recurring work processes supported or run fully automated.

Goolge Workspace

Goolge Apps Script

Application development with Google Apps Script

But not only that, in addition to automation via access to the object models and APIs (Application Programming Interface) of Google products, Apps Script also allows you to build sidebar or dialog applications using web development techniques. These can use the respective Google application, e.g. Google Sheets, support and enrich it with additional functions, or apps script can be used to build stand-alone web applications interacting with the Google Workspace products. Google Apps Script applications are ideal for small and medium-sized applications (or user groups), and there are no additional costs for server infrastructure. In particular, the combination of Google Sheets, Apps Script and Google Sites offers a wide range of application development possibilities.

We provide support if you...

  • use Google Workspace
  • want processes to run automatically
  • need a spreadsheet application based on Google
  • want to extend Google applications e.g. with a sidebar application
  • need an individual web application for your team