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With Office 365, Microsoft Office has moved more and more towards the cloud in recent years, and the importance of Microsoft SharePoint is steadily increasing. Microsoft Office products focus more on online collaboration, and the differences between online and offline, as well as client or web application, are becoming increasingly blurred. Microsoft has become popular thanks to Office classics such as Word or Excel and the macros created in the office environment. But the software package from Microsoft today, with Office Online, is far more than what the installable client applications have offered for decades. With, Microsoft enables the basic range of functions of Microsoft Office products also in the web browser, which also opens up possibilities for customizing with web technology.

Office 365

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Application development for Office 365 with VBA and web technology

The possibilities that arise with Visual Basic for Applications Programming (VBA) are numerous and can give your daily work a real performance boost. We can help you and your team increase efficiency in your day-to-day work, and perform routine, repetitive tasks with less frustration and fatigue. consulity GmbH has decades of experience in Microsoft Office programming with Visual Basic, mainly for Microsoft Excel and Access, but also for PowerPoint, Word and Outlook. We offer the development of tools and solutions based on Microsoft Office for installed client applications or web applications with SharePoint content pages.

We provide support if you...

  • use Microsoft Office (client software) or Office 365
  • want processes to run automatically
  • need a spreadsheet application based on Microsoft Excel
  • want to create custom SharePoint Online pages with functionality
  • need an individual web application for your team